• Kindness0:34
  • Lady Summer0:32
  • It's All Because of You0:32
  • Hot Love0:32
  • Take You To The Dance1:37
  • Super Lady0:31
  • I feel good0:30
  • Her Love0:32
  • Lay your Love on me0:31
  • Peace And Love0:30
  • We must move on0:31
  • There You Were0:34
  • Sharing Love0:29
  • Get High0:30
  • The Right Man0:29
  • It's Christmas0:30
  • Christmas Unwrap0:32

It's All Because Of You

Overwhelmed by your personality taken by your sensuality. The things you do, got me feeling good, so good. 

Track List

New Release



Help the fallen


Lady Summer

She's here again 

​She's pretty she's hot